A person in the distance walks along a dirt path with chest-high, tall grass on either side, progressing toward rolling hills and mountains. The sky is blue and filled with fluffy, white clouds.

Cake Law exists to simplify the convoluted path to a career in law.

Like many of you, I had no lawyers in my family to explain what a career in law looks like or how to become a lawyer. I had no one to tell me what I should be considering or doing, so I tried to find what I could online. After days spent on dozens of websites, I found that the path to a career in law is rather complicated and involves far more preparation than I could have anticipated. I learned that the law is a highly competitive industry; to maximize your potential, you have to plan far in advance.

Unfortunately, by the time I realized this, I was already a little behind the curve. But with a lot of planning and effort, I managed to get into multiple top 5 schools and most of the T13, the thirteen schools that are head and shoulders above the rest. I absolutely fell in love with one of these schools and am there now on the strength of a robust six-figure scholarship—likely to graduate with little to no debt. Coming from a low-income family, I couldn't have dreamed of such a deal. But I know that I never would have made it here without the wisdom of the many kind students who paved the way and were kind enough to share their knowledge on the internet where I and many others could benefit from it. I want to carry on that tradition.

I want everyone to have a fair shot at succeeding with their law school applications, so I consolidated what I've learned into a Guide to a Winning Law School Application. I wrote the guide that I would have needed to spur me to maximize my potential. It's no nonsense and full of both useful insights and tough love.

Everyone deserves a chance at a quality legal education without having to reinvent the wheel. To that end, I hope this website is helpful to both those considering law and those already intending to attend law school.